This work was selected for ONBOARDS Biennale 2021, which is an exhibition of artworks displayed on the street billboards in the city of Antwerp. It was on display from June 28th till July 25th 2021.

I based this painting on the mythological figure Lilith and the duality of her lore.

Historically, Lilith is mostly seen as a demon associated with the night, sickness, extramarital seduction and the abduction of children.

In some texts however, Lilith is described as the first wife of Adam, to whom she refused to be subservient. Because unlike Eve, who was later created from one of Adam’s ribs, Lilith and Adam were both created from the earth and thus should be equals.

Was Lilith an evil succubus? Or the first torchbearer for emancipation and equality?

Made in ecoline and indian ink.

Studio Brook 2023 — Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
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